Sudhir Foundation for Education & Research, is one of the foremost multi professional research-led Institutions & recognized leader in professional and career-oriented education. Its aim is to provide an integral, inter-disciplinary education - a unique intersection between theory and practice, passion and reason. The Institution offers courses of study that are on the frontiers of knowledge and it connects the spiritual and practical dimensions of intellectual life, in a stimulating environment that fosters rigorous scholarship and supportive community.
Why is education important for all children? What are the aims or goals of education? The experience of education in schools provides two main opportunities for children; the opportunity to acquire skills for adult life and work and the opportunity to learn the social values of the culture. Together, these experiences equip children to become successful adults in both their personal and public lives in the community. The social learning opportunities provided by schools are as important as the academic learning. The school can pass on the values of the culture and the school community can demonstrate the values that we would all like to experience in action in our adult communities.
What are the goals of education for children with Down syndrome? They are the same as for all other children; which is to equip children with Down syndrome to lead independent adult lives in the community. Most will need some degree of support from friends, family and services, but education will make a significant difference to the level of independence achieved in work, social and leisure life.
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